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Sometimes it happens that users send, intentionally or without knowing, corrupted data.This may prevent a file from completing properly or the file being totally corrupted. The IP-Ranges to filter are stored in a file named which is saved in e Mule's install folder.There the user can change the default temp folder for the download, the path of storage of the file and the location of utorrent application A small window shows the downloading progress (actually only the amount of kbytes already downloaded) Tested (and working) under Windows Vista SP1 The program uses 7za.exe, included in the torrent (from under the GNU LGPL) to extract the ipfilter list The default ipfilter list is the "Paranoid" from bluetrack ( NEW: Added the possibility to change the ipfilter list in the file.This can be done after the first execution of the program.Automatic Update Link is now added with an unique generated secret key, it means that you may use a secret link to update ipfilter X in your client . Update News come with our free public page on Twitter : https://twitter.com/Nexus23_Labs and/or Subscribing on FOLLOW at You will receive an e Mail instantly after we’ve released a new ipfilter X Version .Security Ratings Legend : [LOW – MEDIUM – HIGH – CRITICAL – HIGHLY / HEAVY CRITICAL] with proper relevance of detection of security levels in specified countries Remember : use one path to load ipfilter file, so next time when you will overwrite old ipfilter, the program will load the new where the old one was found in first instance. Make sure ipfilter.enable = true If ipfilter.enable was false you will have to restart u Torrent after changing it to true.

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You can view the lists that we distribute on the lists directory page.

Links which point to a *file may also be added as long as the contained list has a supported format.

IP Filter Tools In the The IP-filterlists are NOT maintained by emule-project.

u Torrent ip Filter Updater v.3.1 The aim of this software is to help the users that don't want to bother (or don't know know how) to add and keep up-to-date the ipfilter list in u Torrent and to make the updating process as fast and easy as possible.

With this application you can do this with just "one click".

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