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***UPDATE*** Added the black covers to the front lights, somehow missed this obvious part lol. Now you can send messages to all people in this chat room.Scroll to bottom of the post to learn more about Myron’s impressive career.You watch the live event here from pm-pm ET January 11, 2017.And if you are a member of The Mars Generation you can sign up for a chance to win a slot as one of the additional guests of the chat.Members can also submit questions to be asked during the chat on the sign up form. To learn about membership and sign up please click here.The answer could have gone in any number of directions, from how the steering’s going to handle to what to pack for the trip. When the crew returns to Earth at the end of the mission, they will share stories of what it was like to have the personal experience of looking past the moon and seeing our home planet in the distance beyond.

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Many moons ago, an Orion program executive asked on a Twitter chat what advice he would have for the first crew that will fly on the spacecraft the team is building. ” For me, that response was a good reminder – it’s one thing to remember the historic significance of the first crewed flight of Orion and SLS as a huge stepping stone in human exploration of the solar system, but it’s another thing altogether to appreciate that step as an incredibly unique experience for the individuals involved.

Myron is responsible for the design and development of the Debris Screen A. A “debris catcher” for the Boeing Space Launch System core stage propulsion team and the Propellant Feed Filter and Hydrazine Filter for the Exploration Upper Stage – which are all critical components of the systems.

This was a livery from the requests thread passed on to me by Reiche, its Robert Kubica's GT3 Merc #777.

And as those pioneers carry us farther in our journey to Mars, others will remain closer to home, performing revolutionary scientific research aboard the International Space Station.

Not long after that Twitter chat, I was privileged to sit in on a briefing about SLS to a unique audience: NASA’s 2013 class of astronaut candidates.

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