Relative dating sequence of events

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"Athro Limited" is a private company which provides education modules on the Internet.Click Question 1 (3 points): Find the list of hypothetical geologic examples and click on "fault." We are asked to determine the correct sequence of geologic events shown by the cross-section.

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If a geologist claims to be younger than his or her co-worker, that is a relative age.

Events can be the deposition of a sedimentary layer, the eruption of a lava flow, the intrusion of magma to form a batholith, a fault (break) in the rock that shifts one side relative to the other side (and causes an earthquake), a fold that bends and distorts rock layers, or any number of other geologic processes.

Just as Sherlock Holmes used his power of observation to decipher the clues to a suspect's past actions, we will let the blemishes and behaviors of the rocks tell us their past story. ) Remember that relative dating involves determining "which came first" rather than "exactly when did this happen." The first step to untangling the geologic history of an area is often to figure out what happened first, second and third, etc.

Basalt, granite and gabbro are all igneous rocks – they form when magma rises from the mantle and cools.

This cooling can occur either within the Earth’s crust, or on the surface.

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