Pothead dating online

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Police raids on the apartments of those involved in the terrorist atrocity in Paris in 2015, found they were littered with joints and other evidence of the drug’s use. It is their complacency and ignorance that has led to the epidemic of cannabis use that clinicians like me encounter on a daily basis and are powerless to stop.

Tunis beach killer Seifeddine Rezgui; the Belgian train terrorist Ayoub El-Khazzani; the Leytonstone knife attacker Muhaydin Mire; Khalid Masood, who carried out the Westminster attack in March; ringleader of the 7/7 London bombings, Mohammad Sidique Khan . I’ve seen so many lives wrecked by the drug — but they are the tip of the iceberg. The evidence for the dangerous effect of cannabis could not be clearer.

How does someone do something so unspeakably evil as to slaughter and grievously injure innocent young children in this way? Religious belief tends to be associated with lower rates of alcohol and drug use, but cannabis has been shown to increase people’s preoccupation with religion, especially in young men.

Surely, it is no coincidence that time and time again, in the aftermath of recent terrorist attacks, as we learn more about the perpetrators and try to understand their motivation, we discover that cannabis was a part of their daily lives.

If it’s important to meet someone who won’t judge you for getting high, weed dating apps provide the perfect filter.With names like 420Singles, 420Mates, Stoner Singles, and High There!, the weed dating apps try hard to make it clear what the story is.420Singles/Stoner Singles 420Singles also listed online as Stoner Singles, does its best to help you find someone by asking a few classic stoner questions that should express some of your core values.You answer questions like: how much do you blaze, do you prefer indica or sativa, are you a gamer, do you believe in ghosts, what about UFOs, do you believe in the soul, and what music do you prefer?

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